JSC Handyman Services Inc.

RCE - 36012

    Building is a vast subject, stemming from stick huts to modern skyscrapers. It has been a necessity for humans to develop shelter and dwelling areas. We eventually come to love our dwellings and begin to take pride in them. Portraying through them what makes us, the individual, unique. Home is a place of sanctuary from the everyday hustle of life, a place where we can relax, be with family, find solitude, comfort, and enjoy the company of friends. The ideal dwelling is one that requires no effort to maintain and keep sound, but unfortunately, humans have been unable to produce such a thing. The forces of nature are inevitable. Murphy’s Law will eventually be set into action, and all dwellings will begin to require attention.

    As builders with fifteen years of experience, we've seen a lot of dwellings and put our hands into a variety of tasks. Getting involved in many different jobs along the way, we’ve developed a skill set that we've have grown to be proud of. Through the use and manipulation of a variety of materials, we’ve gained an understanding of application methods, and the labor involved in completing the applications. No two jobs are the same. Environments change between each home and each job requires its own special attention. We have grown to admire that aspect of residential dwellings. Every home has an identity, and it is our pleasure to respect, and help maintain that identity.


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